The Collins' are beginning a new phase in their ministry.   Through the Greater Grace World Outreach, Karen and Stan will be leaving for Lima, Peru on July 31, 2003 to help establish a new Church.

Stan has made several trips to Peru over the past 6 months and in his ministry has developed a relationship with more than 20 people who are anxiously awaiting the Collins' arrival and the beginning of their new ministry.

In addition to pioneering a Church, Stan will be speaking on a live national radio broadcast one half hour each day, Monday through Friday, every week.  This broadcast has the potential to reach 28 million people!

Stan and Karen are both originally from the Scottdale area. Calvin United Presbyterian Church is Karen's home church and she and Stan return to us each year to worship with us and to share their experiences as missionaries.  C.U.P. Church supports their ministry through prayer and financial support.