"C.U.@6" - "SEE YOU AT 6:00 P.M."

Jesus Praying

Prayer is essential to our lives as Christians.  Prayer keeps us open to God's working and spirit in our lives, and reminds us that we all are an important part of a community that loves and cares for each other.

C.U.@6 is a prayer invitation.  Each day at 6:00 p.m., wherever you are, whatever you are doing, offer a prayer for God's Church, your own congregation, family, friends, or the desires of your heart.  This prayer can take any form, silent, verbal, or even a prayer-thought, where you simply think of a person or need in God's name.

Share the idea with others and let's all begin to feel the power and energy of Christ's ministry through prayer in Calvin Congregation.  We are all one in Christ and together in prayer!